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Our featured book selection is from Dr. Beth Ley, an accomplished author, publisher, nutrition counselor and speaker on Biblical Nutrition, health and divine healing locally and nationwide. Her vision is to help prepare the bride of Christ. (Isa. 62:10-12.)

She has been a science writer specializing in health and nutrition since 1988 and has written many (40+) health-related books, including the best sellers, DHEA: Unlocking the Secrets to the Fountain of Youth and MSM: On Our Way Back to Health With Sulfur. She wrote her own undergraduate degree program and graduated in Scientific and Technical Writing from North Dakota State University in 1987 (combination of Zoology and Journalism).

Dr. Beth also has her masters (1998) and doctoral degrees (1999) in Nutrition from Clayton University.

Dr. Beth does nutrition and wellness counseling via email, phone and in person in Crystal, MN at the LIFE CENTER (at DSMI).

Dr. Beth is also host of "Recipes For Life with Dr. Beth" seen throughout Minneapolis and parts of MN on local cable. Copies of the show are available for purchase here.

Dr. Beth is dedicated to God and to spreading the health message.

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Welcome to the Natural Health Network. Natural Health Network provides you with practical information addressing the most common health concerns our nation is facing today. The one thing we all have in common is that we are getting older. In addition, there is plenty of evidence around the globe suggesting that we are polluting ourselves and our planet. Our bodies are undernourished from processed foods and food additives. But there are choices we can make to improve our health naturally, slow the effects of aging, and improve our overall good health. Natural Health Network believes through healthy nutrition and high-quality science-based nutraceuticals, you can live and enjoy a long and healthy life.

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